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1st Session – Pre-assessment (Goals, Habits, and Measurments)
Our program begins with a pre-assessment. During this first session we sit down and discuss goals and your current exercise and nutrition habits. We do some measurements including body fat percentage and make our goals a little more specific including an estimate a time frame to accomplish them.

Discuss 1st workout
Your first appointment we will discuss your first workout routine which will consist of cardio. You will know exactly:

  • How Long
  • How Often
  • What Type
  • What Speed/Incline/etc..

This workout is individualized based on your current fitness level AND your goals. Training at different intensities and durations bring about different adaptations, so you will be given assignments that are specific to you! 

Discuss Meal plans
You will also be given a set of meal plans based on whatever your calorie allotment and macronutrient ratios turn out to be. 


2nd Session – Nutrition
Your second session is ALL about nutrition.  We will go over a chart that will show you how to build your own meals so that you can branch away from the sample meals and know how to construct a good meal in ANY situation: Restaurants, family parties, gas stations, you name it. 

Tools to succeed
At this point you will be asked to track your food.  


3rd Session – Accountability/Sustainability

The third session is a model for what the rest of your sessions will be like.  You will be held accountable for everything we ask you to do outside of your appointments: cardio assignments, food tracking, and weight training.  

Resistance Training

The third session is when We will give you your first resistance training workouts. We will take you through each exercise and will give you a workout log that tells your how many sets, repetitions, rest periods and weekly frequency to do these workouts. After the initial 3 sessions, which recommend to do on per week, you meet with your trainer weekly or biweekly. 

We have NO CONTRACTS and NO PREPAYMENT REQUIREMENTS.  Anytime you want to be done, you’re done!  The cost is per session

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606 Marshall Way N, Layton, UT 84041, USA

606 Marshall Way N, Layton, UT 84041, USA

606 Marshall Way N
Layton, UT 84041



  • 1 Person
  • 30 Minutes

3 People

  • 3 People
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  • or $19/person for 60 minutes

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  • 5 People
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